Academic research writing accounts receivable policies

Collection of Accounts Receivable : B-010

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Presidential Policies

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Policies & Procedures for Accounts Receivable

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Accounts Receivable Policy & Procedure

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A record of individuals who have gained bad checks should be followed.

Administrative Policies and Procedures: Table of Contents

Institutions may seem future check writing privileges to students that have employed registration fees with others that are subsequently dishonored. Losing letters by certified mail is used. The extension of credit on accounts to individual customers or organizations can be costly in financial terms, human resources expended in collection efforts, and in maintaining good customer relations.

The Accounting Manual is an official directive of the Office of the Senior Vice President--Business and Finance. It is published and maintained by the Corporate Accounting Office as part of the general responsibility for University accounting policy assigned to the Office of the Vice President-.

Collection of Accounts Receivable: The collection of general accounts receivable is the responsibility of the Accounts Receivable unit of the Office of Financial Services.

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In the event a customer contests a charge, however, the Manager, Student Accounts Receivable & Collection is responsible for its resolution. To ensure that an adequate system of internal control over management and collection of accounts receivable procedures is maintained.

Scope These policies and procedures are applicable to all McNeese employees who participate in the management and collections of accounts receivable. Collection of Accounts Receivable: The collection of general accounts receivable is the responsibility of the Accounts Receivable unit of the Office of Financial Services.

In the event a customer contests a charge, however, the Manager, Student Accounts Receivable &. A reserve for doubtful accounts should be established for activities for which accounts receivable represent a material amount to the activity income.

The reserve should be reported in the financial records of the institution.

Academic research writing accounts receivable policies
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